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New Year, New Schedule… I hope

Well, 2017 didn’t work out the way I had wanted it to. We got off to a positive start, but as we all know, life tends to get in the way of those things we want to do as opposed to those that we have to do. From unexpected changes, to injuries, to over committing… Read More »

Pondering Thoughts On This Blog

Yep, you are probably wondering what that title means. Usually, when someone ponders thoughts on their blog, it’s because they are getting ready to shut it down and haven’t convinced themselves it is time to do so. Hopefully I can allay those fears when it comes to this post. I started this blog with an… Read More »

Win tickets to the Vancouver Brewfest

Well, if you’ve been following our Twitter or Facebook feeds, you would know that we have a great fondness of the Vancouver Brewfest. It’s one of our favorite events of the year, a great place to learn about new beers that are brewed right here in the Pacific Northwest. Not only that, but they also invite some great… Read More »