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Vancouver Brewfest 2016

The first night was a lot of fun, regardless of how hot it was outside. I tried beers from several different breweries, as well as a mead that I would never have thought to try before. Taking place at Esther Short Park, the annual Vancouver Brewfest brings in several brewers from the area and some from… Read More »

Getting Ready

Well, it’s getting closer to the Vancouver Brewfest, and I’m pleased to announce that I will be a guest blogger during my visit there. I am hoping to blog both Friday and Saturday, as well as perform live events on Facebook for the site. On Sunday, I’ll be helping pour beer, and if I can… Read More »

Win tickets to the Vancouver Brewfest

Well, if you’ve been following our Twitter or Facebook feeds, you would know that we have a great fondness of the Vancouver Brewfest. It’s one of our favorite events of the year, a great place to learn about new beers that are brewed right here in the Pacific Northwest. Not only that, but they also invite some great… Read More »