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Scatter Creek Brewing

Hello again, it’s been a while. For the past few months, I’ve been wondering what I will be doing with this blog and if it would be worth it to keep it running. Well, after some reflection and some discussion, I have decided that I will be keeping it running, and will be more regular… Read More »

Steam Donkey Brewing

On Friday, we were able to swing into the first brewery to open in Aberdeen, WA in over 70 years. Steam Donkey Brewing is a smaller venue currently housing 4 of their own beers, as well as a couple of guest taps. The Steam Donkey was a machine first used in the logging industry to… Read More »

We’re Looking for Brewers

Alright, it’s time to start putting this in motion. From the beginning, we’ve been wanting to get out there and meet brewers. Our goal is to promote the beers from our area that stand out against all others to show why the Pacific Northwest is the best place to brew and why it’s the best.… Read More »

Rogue Fresh Roast

This weekend we stopped at the Rogue Distillery and Public House in Portland. It wasn’t our first choice, but the other two we tried to swing into were insanely busy after the Portland Timbers match. Fortunately, we know what to expect at Rogue, and typically enjoy our stops when we do go. I’ve been a… Read More »