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Wonderful Weekend of Craft

So, I took a long weekend from work so I could attend a couple of different events. Well, that and I recently had oral surgery and needed to do a followup, but that didn’t stop me from trying some new beers.

We’re Looking for Brewers

Alright, it’s time to start putting this in motion. From the beginning, we’ve been wanting to get out there and meet brewers. Our goal is to promote the beers from our area that stand out against all others to show why the Pacific Northwest is the best place to brew and why it’s the best.… Read More »

Rogue Fresh Roast

This weekend we stopped at the Rogue Distillery and Public House in Portland. It wasn’t our first choice, but the other two we tried to swing into were insanely busy after the Portland Timbers match. Fortunately, we know what to expect at Rogue, and typically enjoy our stops when we do go. I’ve been a… Read More »

Beer Tasting Parties

An interesting read came across the twitter feed earlier today so I gave it a look. It’s all about hosting a beer tasting party, and some ideas on how you can make it go smoothly, but there was also a tip regarding the price of a bottle of beer. I’d like to know what the… Read More »

I’ve been bad

So, my goal has been to post at least once a week, preferably twice a week, but I have failed. Work has been a little more involved the last few days than I would have liked, but that’s not an excuse. Instead, it’s a reason. Life tends to get in the way of the things… Read More »

Home Brewing

No, I haven’t started home brewing, but it has captured my interest. I’d like to know what people do to home brew in a small apartment with minimal temperature control. I know that stages of brewing typically call for a beer to be kept around a certain temperature, but I can’t do that where I… Read More »

PassPour of Discovery – COMPLETE!

Good evening, all. Tonight, I finished a goal I set out on over 4 months ago. I have completed my pourofdiscovery passport. That’s right, 22 breweries from Long Beach to White Salmon, WA. This passport covers some of the best breweries you will find in Southwest Washington.

The Pour of Discovery

Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here and updated the website, but I’m back with something I think you will all find fun. Later this week, should things go as planned, I will be completing the inaugural Pour Of Discovery Passport. I purchased one of the first passports back in late February… Read More »

Trap Door Brewing

Tonight we stopped by Trap Door Brewing to add my 8th stamp to my Brewcouver Passport and I was pleasantly surprised by this quaint little place. It’s in downtown Vancouver, north of the main area, but next to the first food cart park we have. It looks like it could be a great spot to… Read More »

Moving In

It’s an exciting time for us. We’re moving into our new space and getting the site going. It’s been a long 2+ years of trying to get going, but it is starting to happen. Originally, I wanted to just start with the Youtube channel, make videos, all that fun stuff, but I’m not finding… Read More »