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Steam Donkey Brewing

On Friday, we were able to swing into the first brewery to open in Aberdeen, WA in over 70 years. Steam Donkey Brewing is a smaller venue currently housing 4 of their own beers, as well as a couple of guest taps. The Steam Donkey was a machine first used in the logging industry to… Read More »

Bottling Day – Stormy Hot Rod Red

Today is the day I get to bottle brew #3 in my new adventures as a home brewer. I have done a single hop IPA, an Amber IPA, and now I’m doing my bottling my first Red Ale. I took a recipe called ‘Hot Rod Red’ and made it my own. The yeast is different… Read More »

Peaks and Pints

Last week we got to stop by a previously unknown taproom in Tacoma called Peaks and Pints. They were having a 6 brewer fest type thing, and well, I had to try out some different beers. Fortunately, even with about an hour notice, the wife was happy to take me up there. You could tell… Read More »

A Salute

I just read my twitter feed to find that Big Al’s is closing. For those of you that have read the blog, you might remember this post from August. We visited Big Al’s and were fortunate to be able to try a few of their brews. I brought home one of their growlers filled with… Read More »

Pondering Thoughts On This Blog

Yep, you are probably wondering what that title means. Usually, when someone ponders thoughts on their blog, it’s because they are getting ready to shut it down and haven’t convinced themselves it is time to do so. Hopefully I can allay those fears when it comes to this post. I started this blog with an… Read More »

I have come to the conclusion that I suck at this

Seriously, I have found myself not updating as often as I would like. I go out, try new beers and then don’t write about them. Not only is that something that I feel bad for in regards to the site, but I also feel bad for the beers I try and end up not reviewing… Read More »

The Move Is Complete

Well, I promised some news and now I’m ready to deliver. For the past year, we’ve had a great time living down in Vancouver, but it has become too expensive for us to stay down there. The downside is that we’re a little further from the great beers and people down in the Vancouver/Portland area.… Read More »

Changes Coming!

Well, I’ve kinda teased it on the Facebook page, and I’m here to make it official. We’re moving. No, we’re not leaving the great Pacific Northwest, where the best beers are created. We’re moving a little north from where we’re at now. Soon, we’ll have a “studio” of sorts where I can build videos about… Read More »

Vancouver Brewfest 2016

The first night was a lot of fun, regardless of how hot it was outside. I tried beers from several different breweries, as well as a mead that I would never have thought to try before. Taking place at Esther Short Park, the annual Vancouver Brewfest brings in several brewers from the area and some from… Read More »