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McMenamin’s Cornelius Pass Brewfest

For those of you who are unaware, McMenamin’s is a pretty big local brewer and destination company. They are known for their different locations, events, and experiences. This weekend, we got to try out one when we visited the Cornelius Pass location for the 151st anniversary of the location and the 16th annual brewfest.

Safeco Field

This past weekend I got to go to Safeco Field and experience what they have for Craft Beers. The first place we hit was outside of Section 139, where you can find a few different ones to try. The first one I grabbed was a Portland Brewing IPA. I’ve had this beer before and it… Read More »

Steam Donkey Brewing

On Friday, we were able to swing into the first brewery to open in Aberdeen, WA in over 70 years. Steam Donkey Brewing is a smaller venue currently housing 4 of their own beers, as well as a couple of guest taps. The Steam Donkey was a machine first used in the logging industry to… Read More »

Wonderful Weekend of Craft

So, I took a long weekend from work so I could attend a couple of different events. Well, that and I recently had oral surgery and needed to do a followup, but that didn’t stop me from trying some new beers.

Moving In

It’s an exciting time for us. We’re moving into our new space and getting the site going. It’s been a long 2+ years of trying to get going, but it is starting to happen. Originally, I wanted to just start with the Youtube channel, make videos, all that fun stuff, but I’m not finding… Read More »