Brew Contest Ideas

By | 09/14/2017

So, my work has come up with some ideas for things that we can all do and it hasn’t escaped their attention that many of us are home brewers. With that in mind, they are thinking of having a home brew contest next month and I’m out of ideas on what I want to do. I had already planned on brewing a blonde ale for our annual Husky Hawk weekend that I do with some family and friends, and now I’m torn on which type of brew I should create.

So, in the interest of knowing that I only have a week until I need to start brewing, I am going to leave it up to the readers. You guys get to tell me what you think I should brew.

Brew Idea #1:

Husky Blonde Ale:
This will be a Blonde Ale with some ‘dirty’ characteristics. My thought was to do a traditional blonde ale, but add some color with honey malt, as well as look at my first infusion of pumpkin or apple to the brew to give it that winter is almost here feel.

The initial recipe I had looked at called for adding apples to the mash, but I’m thinking I want to do 4 gallons of water, then add 1 gallon of apple cider to the mash. I would then boil afterwards and instead of back filling with water to get to my original 5-gallon batch, I’d add more cider. I even thought about adding some cinnamon sticks to the mash, just to give it that added punch.

Brew Idea #2:

Hawk Ale:
This would be a traditional dark ale, but it would include pumpkin and spices. I’m not traditionally a fan of pumpkin ales. I prefer my pumpkin to only come in pie form, or the occasional coffee.

This recipe would use 2-row, crystal, and caramel malts, followed by a little pumpkin from the can. I don’t really have access to the kind of pumpkins I would use for a pie this early, and since it needs to be done by Halloween, that would make it even more difficult. Instead, I’d add the pumpkin to the mash, with possibly adding a little during the boil to make sure the flavor was there.

So, what do you guys think? Would you prefer that apple-pie type blonde that is lighter and more crisp? Or, would you like to see how the darker version that is more pumpkin based would turn out?

I’m leaning for the Blonde, as I think it would be a better brew for tailgating with, but I’m curious what others think.

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