Three Magnets + Sounders = Positive Experience

By | 08/27/2017
The group at three magnets brewing watching the Sounders FC vs. Portland Timbers match.

The @3MagBrewing Crowd for the @SoundersFC vs @PortlandFC match.

So, tonight we checked out our first match at @3MagBrewing and had a great time. While my wife wasn’t sure about what was “off” about the visit, I had a great time. There were several beers to try while I was there, and that’s what this post will be about.

Upon entering Three Magnets Brewing in Olympia, WA, you’ll notice that it’s a smaller venue. There is roughly enough space for about 40 – 50 people indoors, with about 20 – 30 seats outside. The seats are made of what appears to be re-used or up-cycled logs that weren’t fit for much else, but they are quite comfortable. The bar stools are made of the same, but well shaped to provide comfort.

First off is the food. Three Magnets has a great happy hour line up of their small plates from 4-6 pm every day. We decided we’d try the “moonrocks” which are tunawerst cheese curds, deep fried and served with a pickled blueberry jam that I quite enjoyed. While the wife wasn’t as impressed with the jam, I’m kinda wondering where I can get more of it.

We also had their house fries, which were standard fries with a good house “fry sauce” but not necessarily something you couldn’t find anywhere else. The last time we were there, we had the Uli’s sausage, which I quite enjoyed and will likely get again when I go back (which I plan on doing soon).

I am looking forward to trying the chicken sliders, as well as the pork belly cubano, as I’m finding the cubano to be one of my favored sandwiches of late. However, you can’t go to a brewpub without talking about the beers they have. So, without further adieu, here are the 4 beers I had and what I thought of them:

Beer #1: Rhymes with Citra – Pale Ale.
This beer is the epitome of a pale ale. It is well balanced with a light citra hop taste giving it almost an IPA feel without breaking the Pale Ale style. The hops aren’t overbearing, and you don’t get that acidity and pine flavor from an IPA that you would expect. At a 30 IBU, this beer doesn’t quite make it to the IPA threshold, but it’s on it’s way. It’s got more of a lemon or grapefruit feel to it, which isn’t bad, but it makes sense if you think about the name and the hops that are used. The underwhelming ABV is a great surprise, as I’m used to citra based ales to have closer to a 6 ABV and not a 5.1 as this one does.

Beer #2: Another Effing Jeff IPA
This is Three Magnets take on the standard IPA. I have a feeling that it’s what they would consider their “flagship” IPA, but I think the next one should be in the running for that title. This brew is good, and it’s almost a tropical feel to it. You get hints of a mango-ish flavor, as well as pineapple, but the bitterness of the hops is what gets you. Mixing those great flavors with that bitterness almost causes you to want something a touch different. Which is why I bring you to brew #3.

Beer #3: Reefstorm IPA
I won’t lie, I’ve had the Reefstorm a few times now. There’s a reason I keep going back as this is what I think a flagship should be. If there was an IPA that captured those fruit notes, citrus qualities, and easy bitters, this is it. I really want to go talk with the brewers to find out how they make this beer so I can clone it at home in my homebrew tests, as it has now become my favorite IPA out of all those I can get from a local brewery. And in case you’re wondering, yes, I bought another 4-pack for $16.99 tonight, as I love this beer.

Beer #4: EastSide Pale Ale
This beer is a collaboration with the EastSide brewpub in Olympia, WA. It was designed for the Olympia Arts Walk, and is served at the taphouse in Olympia. It’s a laid back, bitter pale ale that has those hoppy feels with some lighter tropical notes. The fruits stand out in the nose, and it makes for a good drink on those warm summer nights, even though it isn’t as light as you’d expect. Coming in at a decent 5.6% ABV, it will sneak up on you. After having a couple of these earlier today, I know how quickly it can sneak up.

Prefunk at Three Magnets

Before the Sounders start, there’s some NFL action going on.

When we arrived at Three Magnets, there weren’t many people there. However, as you can tell from the above picture, that changed quickly. The brewpub has been supporting the Seattle Sounders FC for quite some time (just look at those scarves on the wall). You can tell from the regulars that show up that this is a great place to sit at watch a match. If you’re a fan of good beer and great camaraderie, I suggest you visit Three Magnets Brewing during the next Sounders match and enjoy the crowd.

Make sure you chant along with the “Seattle” “Sounders” yells and support the local club. It’s worth your time and definitely worth the friends you will make while there.

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