Tumwater Artesian Brewfest

By | 08/20/2017
Tumwater Brewfest

A view of the grounds at the Tumwater Brewfest

This weekend we got to visit the Tumwater Artesian Brewfest in Tumwater, WA. This event was held at the Tumwater Valley Golf Course and celebrates the craft brew heritage of the area, as well as a reminder of the brewery that once stood just across the street. Back in the day, the Olympia Brewery was known for it’s Olympia Beer brand. While the brand now belongs to Miller, the spirit of the brewery lives on in those craft breweries that have popped up in the area.

Sails 'n' Gunpowder

Sails ‘n’ Gunpowder from O-Town Brewing in Olympia, WA.

The first beer I tried while here was the Sails ‘n’ Gunpowder from O-Town brewing. This beer has a spiced rum characteristic to it, having been barrel aged in said rum barrels. The sugar, molasses, and vanilla stand out, while a hint of cinnamon masks the coconut flavors that are apparent in the finish. As their official description states, it is truly a West Indies trade route beer.

The next beer I found was the Sandstone Whiskey Barrel Aged Heavy Irons IPA from Top Rung Brewing. I had to try this one after seeing it’s whopping 10% ABV, which is about 1 – 1.5% over their standard Heavy Irons IPA, which is one of my all time favorites. This beer featured pineapple notes behind a hoppy finish that the Heavy Irons is known for. With the high ABV, this was one beer I really had to try and I am glad I did.

Whiskey Barrel Aged Double IPA

The Sandstone Whiskey Barrel Aged Heavy Irons Double IPA

After going “heavy” for a few beers, I thought it would be a good idea to tone things down for a bit. That’s when I found the Port Townsend Yoda’s Green Tea Gold. This 5% ABV beauty of a beer is one I will be seeking out the next time I can. In case you are wondering, this beer really does taste like green tea. It’s light with a citrus tinge, and really its only missing some honey to make it seem like I had just brewed a cup at home.

All in all, it was a great day. We had a few other beers to try, but unfortunately I’m still going through my notes on them all so I can get more info on here for you all. With any luck, we’ll have another update in a few days. Until then, go find yourself a local craft beer and enjoy the evening.

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