The weekend approaches

By | 08/18/2017

We’re looking forward to a busy weekend coming up tomorrow. First of all, we’ll be checking out the Tumwater Artesian Brewfest at the Tumwater Valley Golf Course. I’m excited for this one because it is where many of my local favorites will be. From small, homebrew focused breweries like Cascadia Brewing Company, to larger ones such as Georgetown and Worthy brewing, there will be plenty of styles to choose from. We sadly missed out on this event last year due to scheduling conflicts, but are looking forward to our first visit to this up and coming festival.

So, I know I had planned on writing more recently, but unfortunately we had one of those freak accidents in the family and I haven’t had much time to sit down and write. My wife fell down our stairs a few weeks ago and suffered a broken leg, which meant I haven’t had a designated driver to take me to the brew festivals that I’ve wanted to visit and write about. Fortunately, she is on the mend and is able to join me this weekend so we can tell you all about how things go in Tumwater.

With any luck, this will also mean that we can get out to a few more locations before the weather turns bad on us and we can tell you all about more of the local breweries that are around. I still need to get out to Westport and try the brews at Blackbeard’s Brewing as well as Bog Water Brewing (which appears to be part of Cranberry Road Winery).

Until Monday, have a good weekend and enjoy some fine beer.

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