McMenamin’s Cornelius Pass Brewfest

By | 07/16/2017

For those of you who are unaware, McMenamin’s is a pretty big local brewer and destination company. They are known for their different locations, events, and experiences. This weekend, we got to try out one when we visited the Cornelius Pass location for the 151st anniversary of the location and the 16th annual brewfest.

One of the crowds at Cornelius Pass

A group of revelers at the Cornelius Pass Anniversary

This event was an all ages affair with several activities that the whole family could enjoy. We had a great time going through the scavenger hunt, as well as going through the history of the site. During our visit, I was able to try a few different beers, as well as talk with others that have both been here before and were there for the first time.

For those that are unaware, McMenamin’s has a great passport event that you can take part in. During this event, we were able to check off 4 of the “Experiences” that you can earn as part of completing the passport for great prizes. In this case, I received a gift card for completing 4 of their experiences, which was a lot of fun.

A couple wandering the grounds

A couple wandering the grounds at Cornelius Pass

Like all McMenamin’s events, the goal here is to accomplish what you can from your passport. These completions will give you different prizes such as a “Teacher’s Choice”, appetizers at their restaurants, a night’s stay at one of their hotels, or a gift card for your next visit to one of their locations. It’s a great way to encourage exploration of Oregon and Washington, and gives you the opportunity to try a different beer that is unique to each location.

Each of their brewpubs, hotels, or other venues typically have their own brew that you can’t find at an other location. While the core beers are available at all locations, it’s these special one-offs that I go for when I visit a different site. Not only does this give me an insight into how their beers are, but it also let’s me check out the individuality their brewers exhibit when left to their own devices.

The Magnolia

The Magnolia Tree at Cornelius Pass is a famous place for weddings

All in all, it was a great day checking out the different brews that McMenamin’s and their friends provide. If you get the chance to visit the area, make sure you get one of their passports and make some vacation destinations out of it. You’d be happy you did.

Stand out brew of the day was the Singled Out: Citra Double IPA. This brew, made at the McMenamin’s John Barleycorn Brewery in Tigard, OR highlighted the Citra hops that were used in creating it. Following the dank aroma of a double IPA was the citrus notes of grapefruit, lemon, and orange that you would expect from a citra hopped IPA. It had a golden brown color with a great mouthfeel that made me think of the different grains I should start using in my brews here at home.

When you get a chance, go to Tigard and give this one a try.

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