Mid-Year’s Resolution

By | 05/18/2017

Ah, the Mid-Year’s Resolution. Those are a thing, right? It’s when you realize the weight loss goals, the financial security goals, or even the do better at something goals just haven’t worked out. So you get to the point where it’s almost half-way through the year and you decide you have to do something to make up for those losses. I think I’m about to make a mid-year’s resolution and I’m going to get the wife to help me make sure I live up to it. Maybe I’ll even get her help in what I have in store.

I know I’ve sucked at updating as much as I want to. You can even look at some of my older posts and see that I mentioned this in the past. Well, my friends, hopefully that ends on the 1st of June. I’ve already started putting in my calendar a weekly appointment to sit down and talk about beer. But, even better, I’ve decided that if it’s not raining I can go outside and not just write about beer, but actually get the camera out and record some videos.

We’ve been working on getting some things setup that would make this easier, but it’s time to just say forget that noise and just do it. Seriously, just go watch that Shia LeBouf video that was so popular a couple years ago and get pumped up. As for me, I’m going to make sure I’ve made the time to talk about those great brews that I’m finding in the area. As soon as we’re done with this whole having a daughter who’s a senior in high school and we need to do everything for her part of life, it will get to be easier and more regular. So, please bear with me as I get these things moving ahead like I want them to be.

Until then, I leave you with the thought that you should check out Everybody’s Brewing and get their Local Logger Lager. It’s a great brew and if you find it at my local watering hole (The Lucky Eagle Casino Crafthouse), you can get it for under $4 a pint until their remaining kegs blow.

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