Our Version of the Cascade Loop

By | 03/31/2017

This weekend my wonderful wife and I took a trip through what I would call the mini-Cascade Loop. The traditional Cascade Loop takes you around a good chunk of the center of the state by following Highway 2 east of Seattle, heading north on Highway 97, then back west on Highway 20, over to Whidbey Island and then back into Seattle. There are many sights to see on this path, such as Deceptopn pass, NAS Whidbey, Mukilteo, Glacier National Park, Wenatchee National Park, and may other areas.

For us, we wanted to stay just south of there, as our loop wouldn’t require going so far north. Not only that, but we’re coming from the south and wanted to make Leavenworth (also part of the larger loop) our main stop. So, we followed a path that took us along highway 18 to Snoqualmie, where we made our first stop.

Beer Glass from Snoqualmie Brewing

Unnamed Snoqualmie Brewing Beer

I’m not sure why, but I can’t find the other pictures I took while we visited the Snoqualmie Brewery and Taproom. Unfortunately, that means you only get to see this little gem of a beer. This is a “hoppier” IPA that had not been given a name as of our visit on Friday afternoon. The most I can tell you about it is that it has a floral aroma at first, but it seems to change to a citrus note after. There was also an earthy quality to it that I enjoyed, though some may find that it can be a little over powering.

After leaving the Snoqualmie Taproom, we made our way to No Boat Brewing. Unfortunately, due to the lighting in there I was not able to get many pictures. It was a rather cold evening, so they had their heat lamps going, which gave all the beers a strange orange glow. I do recommend you go out there and give them a try, though. They have a Triple IPA called “The Damsel and the Dulcimer” that was insanely delicious. Their taproom and brewery is designed with a nautical theme, and they had one of the NCAA games playing on their giant screen. All in all, it was a great atmosphere, and I wish I could show you what it really looked like, but my photoshop skills are not that great. Suffice it to say, you should definitely stop in if you find yourself in the area.

That’s all for now. I need to clean up some other pictures and we’ll talk about Icicle Brewing and Iron Horse next time.

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