Pondering Thoughts On This Blog

By | 01/12/2017

Yep, you are probably wondering what that title means. Usually, when someone ponders thoughts on their blog, it’s because they are getting ready to shut it down and haven’t convinced themselves it is time to do so. Hopefully I can allay those fears when it comes to this post.

I started this blog with an intent to write about the different beers I encounter that are true to the northwest. I haven’t lived up to that ideal yet, so I am working with my family and friends to make sure that the time I want to spend on this site becomes more regular. Hence the reason I am pondering my thoughts on what goes here.

My ultimate goal is go out to different breweries that many people will likely not have heard about. For instance, we visited Big Al’s brewery a few months ago and wrote a short piece about them. Soon, we’ll be visiting Dick’s Brewing and I will hopefully grace these pages with what I learn while there. After that, who knows what will happen.

So, before I get to the point where things seem more jumbled than they are, I am going to just get right to it. I want to write about good beer that anyone can enjoy. I want to tell you about those little breweries that don’t make it to the mainstream. I want you to say “Hey, I’m going to be in the area and I should stop by <enter brewery name here>, because I read about it on CraftBeersNW.”

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of smaller breweries in the northwest. Those that are known such as Dick’s, Silver City, Georgetown, and Rogue, as well as those that aren’t so well known like North Jetty, Alameda, Two Beers, and Big Al’s. It is my goal to bring them to you in ways that make you think you should at least give them a try when you are out exploring a new area.

With that in mind, I am going to be working with my wonderful wife to get a regular schedule in place so I can post more frequently than I have been. We’ve finally re-settled back into our house, we’re past the holidays, and now it’s time to get more serious about the different places we can go and where we can show you, the reader, what the next beer should be.

Look for a new posting every week. I would say it’ll be here on Sunday or Monday, but I can’t promise that quite yet. However, I will do my best to inform you about the different brews you could be enjoying at least once a week.

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