We’re Looking for Brewers

By | 07/27/2016

Alright, it’s time to start putting this in motion. From the beginning, we’ve been wanting to get out there and meet brewers. Our goal is to promote the beers from our area that stand out against all others to show why the Pacific Northwest is the best place to brew and why it’s the best. So, we’re looking for you, mr. or mrs. brewer. We want you to get on camera with us and tell us why your beer reigns supreme compared to anything else that can be found around the country.

We’ve been inspired by shows like Three Sheets and Drinking Made Easy (Zane Lamprey is my hero, by the way). So, we want to do the same thing for you who work hard at your craft. We want to show the world why they should visit the Pacific Northwest in search of the best beers around.

We’re looking for breweries that would like us to bring our camera out (it’s nothing fancy, we promise), say hello, and let you tell us why you like doing what you do. So, if you’re a brewer, owner, or someone that just loves making a great homebrew, let us know. We’re hoping to get our first episode in the can and want to interview you to make it happen!

If you aren’t a brewer, but know one, let us know. You can comment below or send an email to info@craftbeersnw.com.

Thanks and go get another beer.


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