Beer Tasting Parties

By | 07/22/2016

An interesting read came across the twitter feed earlier today so I gave it a look. It’s all about hosting a beer tasting party, and some ideas on how you can make it go smoothly, but there was also a tip regarding the price of a bottle of beer. I’d like to know what the community thinks, and hopefully I’d like to setup my own tasting of brews from the area soon.

So have you been to a private beer tasting event like one mentioned in the article? What was your experience like? Have you hosted one of these?

I’ve been wondering if there’s a local taproom or something that we could host one of these in. Unfortunately, for me, I’m in an apartment and getting 6 people in here (let alone a dozen) would be difficult. However, I’d be interested in playing host and maybe doing a live stream of the event with those that would want to participate. So, if you know a taproom, bottle shop, or something similar that would be interested in hosting us, let us know in the comments.

I’ll have to contact a few of the great taprooms around me and see what the cost for something like this would be, especially if we could do it before the start of normal business and are buying quite a few pints from them.

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