Trap Door Brewing

By | 03/08/2016

Tonight we stopped by Trap Door Brewing to add my 8th stamp to my Brewcouver Passport and I was pleasantly surprised by this quaint little place. It’s in downtown Vancouver, north of the main area, but next to the first food cart park we have. It looks like it could be a great spot to stop in, grab some food from outside (where the carts are), and just sit and relax with a brew you might not have had before.

Tonight I tried the Trap Door IPA. Though it’s not their flagship IPA, a spot reserved for their Co-Hop IPA, it’s as close as you could get. You’ll notice the citrus and cascade hops that are ever-present in most northwest India Pale Ales as soon as you take your first whiff of the glass presented to you. It’s got a slight bite of bitterness on the first drink, but then it follows with a refreshing finish that makes you want more.

All in all, it’s a good beer that I would add to my session list. It’s got a 71 IBU, though you’d swear it was a little higher. The cascade hops definitely give it that earthy note that makes you wonder how it only has a 7.1% ABV.

If you’re in the Vancouver area, definitely give it a try. Afterwards try their Red. I didn’t get the chance to do that tonight, but then I can go back anytime.

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